Tutorial: [Download songs from Soundcloud]

It’s just a tip where to download HQ songs when all you can find are crappy quality. :) (especially when you’re looking for underrated songs)

It’s really easy you just need to

  1. Go to soundcloud
  2. Search the song you want. the search bar’s on the upper rightimage
  3. After that look for the right version you’re looking for. PS. THERE ARE LOTS OF SONG COVERS AT SOUNDCLOUD
  4. If the song you want already have the download button then go for itimage but if it’s unclickable or doesn’t have one. well, we have a solution for that.
  5. Right Click your song’s link ; "Copy Link Location"
  6. Then TADDA! OFFLIBERTY ; go to that site
  7. Paste The link
  8. Then Click the OFF Button image 
  9. Now as it says “RIGHT CLICK AND ‘SAVE LINK AS’” click that button and then SAVE IT 

REMINDER: don’t change the file name because it’ll ruin the download and it wouldn’t download properly. just change everything (file name, song title, artist) after the download.. :)

I hope it helped!! :D

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